• Measure: One-size-fits-all
  • Price: $. 43.95
  • Shipping Inside USA: $. 10.95
  • Shipping Outside USA: $. 28.95
  • Description:

    Includes any laser brand on top of the wooden box

    Six premium leather coasters
    Includes wooden box
    Hand-stitched to make it durable and unique
    Perfect for any occasion

These amaizing and unique coasters are 100% handmade by the best artisans in the world. The edge of the coaster is hand-stitched with a durable nylon thread making it a life-time product are extremely resistant to any conditions.






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Custom designs and premium leather is our passion. Caravari started with the idea that we can produce a higher quality product at a lower price than the competition, and we do. We have established a relationship with our craftsmen, offering new jobs and better benefits for them and their families.
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