Liar’s Dice Game Cup

  • Measure: Game regulations
  • Price: $. 54.95
  • Shipping Inside USA: $. 15.95
  • Shipping Outside USA: $. 64.95
  • Description:

    Includes any laser brand

    One premium leather dudo cups
    Includes poker dice
    Hand-stitched to make it durable and unique
    Dimensions: 4 x 10 inches

The Game of Dudo is a common dice game played in Latin America and it’s played with multiple players. These handmade Premium Dice Cups would last a life time since they are covered with a durable PVC material on the inside and hand-stitched on the outside to make it durable and resistant to any maltreatment of the cup.



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Custom designs and premium leather is our passion. Caravari started with the idea that we can produce a higher quality product at a lower price than the competition, and we do. We have established a relationship with our craftsmen, offering new jobs and better benefits for them and their families.
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