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Caravari offers “fine handmade” products for demanding customers all over the world. We offer handmade leather cooking aprons, hunting game bags, koozies, place mats and much more.

The company started with a vision of offering better handmade premium leather products. We set a high standard in all of our products by combining the finest leathers and materials with decades of craftsmanship to bring you uncompromising quality and unsurpassed fit.

Our promise to you is that every order will be fulfilled with the finest in handmade Guatemalan products from the best artisans in the nation. Because every product is handcrafted, you have the choice of many different designs and skins to adjust your values and needs. Finally, Caravari consumers are not buying a premium leather product… you are buying a piece of art, culture and history.

Go ahead, give us a try… we guarantee you will enjoy wearing our products as much as we enjoy making them for you!


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About Us

Custom designs and premium leather is our passion. Caravari started with the idea that we can produce a higher quality product at a lower price than the competition, and we do. We have established a relationship with our craftsmen, offering new jobs and better benefits for them and their families.
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